Grades 6-8 (OPSPARC 2017)

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Grades 6-8 (OPSPARC 2017)

NASA' s Water Purification Spinoff technology purifies contaminated water with its partnership with Carefree Clearwater, Ltd.

Spinoff technology is an idea created and inspired by other technologies used for other purposes (like for space) and making it into its own useful and unique idea which can benefit others.

What Is Spinoff Technology?

Good-Can Purify and Transport Water-Easy To Use-Safe-EffectiveBad-May Be Expensive for Buyers-May Be Heavy for Back

The AquaPure Pack FitA Lightweight backpack with a built-in water storage section. This backpack is used when camping and hiking and is for purifying and carrying water from lakes, rivers, ponds, etc.. Water can be poured into the backpack and


Campers and hikers usually use either plastic water bottles to carry portable water or fill up their water bottles with water from faucets at campsites. But using plastic waterbottles uses up too much plastic and using campsite faucets might be unsanitary.

"I want to be able to purify my water anywhere I go, but creating a fire and waiting for my water to boil takes too long."

Campers and hikers should be able to find bodies of water like lakes and rivers and autimatically be able to use the water and carry it around.



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-Too Heavy-Too Expensive-Limited Mobility


NASA's WaterPurificationSpinoffTechnology

the water will quickly be filtered from harmful substances, giving campers and hikers pure, clean, and accessible water. The water may also easily be sipped with the built-in long straw on the backpack, and there is also a section where regular supplies may be kept.

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