Grades 6-8 (OPSPARC 2017)

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Grades 6-8 (OPSPARC 2017)

Our spinoff is a kit for if a catisrofic event ever happens to you will be able to have a case that will keep all of your supplys safe so you dont have to worry about having nothing. How we improved our design from faliure is whenever somthing went wrong we got together and worked through comstarnts and positives of the issue and improved it from there.

The Savior box is a kit that if there is a catastrophic event this will be a familys emergrencey case that will provide supplys if there other stuff gets destoyed. You could also use this to store things special that you want to keep safe. It is also water proof in case of a flood and strong in case of tornado ect.

In your own words, what is Spinoff technology?Spinoff technology is technology taken from nasa and put into a different use to help the world not just on Earth but in space too.

Be a Researcher

Create your Own Spinoff

Design Review

The spinoff tecnology we used are reflective instalation which keeps it all at a regular temperature stadium metal which is light wheight, strong, inexpensive, and water proof.

When we were building our model we started by coating the outside of the box with a metal colerd paper and then did the inside with a tape that looks similar to tje refective instalation. Ways we could improve our design would be by making a stronger outer material that could feel more like metal. Strangths our model has is a very similar reflective material on the inside, weaknesses are the lock on the outside and a seal that willl keep water out of the seperation on the lid. The most difficult thing to meet would be the seal inbeetween the lid.

The savior might just save you

This is the inside of the box plus the supplys which are frezze dried food, water purifier, life raft, blankets, water bottels, first -aid kit, tracker, mini backpack, and life jackets


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