Grades 3-5 (OPSPARC 2017)

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NASA Contest
NASA Contest

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Grades 3-5 (OPSPARC 2017)

A NASA technology is something people use everyday any time anywhere.

My spinoff came from a refrigeration showcase and here are the materials needed to make my invention. You need a refrigeration showcase, two fans, ice cubes,and a solar panel . This is how it works: you pour the ice into the machine, then close the lid, next in the summer time you open the lid and the solar panel turns the fans on and the fans blow coolness out of the machine.

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My invention works by the solar panel, fans,and the refrigeration showcase.The refrigeration show case keeps the ice cold and stores the other stuff inside it as well. The fans also keep the ice cold. The solar panel turns the fans on and the fans blow the coolness out of the machine.

Memory Metal Alloys Certain metal alloys change shape inresponse to changes in temperature. NASA'S shape memory affects technology used in the international space station which has led to numerous consumer safety products. One example is a sink and shower valves that prevent scalding by reducing water flow to a trickle.

Refrigeration ShowcaseNASA's extensive technological advances gained through operating spacecraft in extreme temperatures helped a manufacturer cost-effectively improve refrigeration showcases. The showcases keep food cooler longer,and maintain an openness to displays that is critical to customer impulse buying.

Vibration control improves the performance of skis, snowboards, baseball bats, hockey sticks and tennis rackets. Their improved technology began with the NASA supported development of a thin electode filled self powering patch, slightly bigger than a baseball card, designed to control noise and vibration and detect structural defects in the blades and wings of helicopters and airplanes.


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