Grades 3-5 (OPSPARC 2017)

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Grades 3-5 (OPSPARC 2017)

My spinoff is an app that will help you save food. The features are, shopping list expiration dates and save food reminders. The shopping list helps you stay organized when you're shopping. The expiration dates will tell when your item expires and if you want to donate to a food bank. The way it works is you need to take a picture of the expiration date when you buy a product, so your phone, ipad ect. knows when it expires. The save food reminders remind you before you finish eating to save food. The way it works is you have to put a time in and thats when it will remind you.That's my spinoff.

Design Review

An app to save food

Be a Researcher

A spinoff is an invention that was accidentally made for a different use and wasn't used that way. For example the post-it note.It was meant for space but it didn't work as expected but it di work great for notes and reminders and it stuck to walls great. And than the post-it note was born. That is what a spinoff is.

The shopping lsit helps you remember what you're going to buy

The reminders remind you to save food And you get to set the times of the reminders so you are comfortable with the times.

The expiration dates tell you when your foood expires and tells you to donate it or use it.

One of my weakness's of my app is you may not see the reminders.I can improve that by making a sound that buzzes so you will have a better chance of seeing it.A strength of my app is that you will be more awarw of how important it is to save food.And how many people it helps.


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