Grades 3-5 (OPSPARC 2017)

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NASA Contest

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Grades 3-5 (OPSPARC 2017)

Ask, Imagine and BuildDescribe your idea for the new Spinoff.My idea for a new spinnoff is a battery pack LED light and tires and wheels.I have two spinnoff in my invention.They are LED light and the tire.It whod help you ride your scoot and bike after dark.And that is my idea fora new spinnoff.

A NASA spinoff technology is something that was made or craeted by other people but, had the help by NASA and NASA technology and a lot of poeple and NASA use it.

Design Review

Create your Own Spinoff

Be a Researcher

How my spinnoff works is if you like to ride your bike after dark thenI have samething for you I put LED light on wheels and tires that are attach to the battery pack that as a on and off swich so,that when it is day light you can it off and when it is dark you can trun it on.And same of the promble with my invention was the LED light were on the outside of the wheels and they whod have gotten brock.Same of the strong of my invention arethat you can ride your scooter or bike and other veicels and so that you can trun it on and off.I had to put the LEDlight to the middlebecause if wereon the out side they would brack.

A tire is a spinnoff because it helps people get from place to place and the rubber on the goodyear tire is 5 times stronger than steel, but a regular tire rubber is not 5 times strognger then steel. A goodyear tire rubber is really strong. A regular tire is not that strong.How it improves my live is it helps me get to place to place.

A fire detector is a spinnoff becuase it tells people whin the there is a fire and some of the technology was created by NASA. How it inproves my live is when there is a fire it will go off and tell people that there is a fire.

A wireless drill is a spinoff becuase some of the technology in side it was created by NASA.How it inproves my life is that when ever you need too build something grab a nail, bolt or nut then grab the wireless drill and last you can create you what you want to imagine.


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