Grades 3-5 (OPSPARC 2017)

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Grades 3-5 (OPSPARC 2017)

In our words spinoff technology is things we use in everday life that came from NASA scientists. Such as scratch resistant glass, LED lights, and cordless technology. We use these spinoffs in glasses, lights, and vacums

Our LED Safepack is safe and a great resource to walk around at night when you are on your way home from school or anywhere. We put a strand of LED lights around the backpack with the battery pack inside the pocket. We took a pool noodle and cut it to the size of the backpack straps for comfort. If your getting bored from walking home this solves your problem, we put a phone inside the safepack or any small cellular device with a pair of earbuds. To spice it we put some decoration on the safepack.

Design Review

The LED Safepack

Spinoff technology in our words

Our LED Safepack works on a battery pack in which it powers our lights. One of the strengths of our project is that the LED's are very bright in the day and night. One of our weaknesses is how we stuck on our lights which is duct tape which dosn't stick on that well. That is how our LED Safepack works.

For my spinoff I use scratch resistance lenses. It helps me and my family to see many things like to read.

For my spinoff I use solar panals. It helps my family and I power my house and heat my home.

For my spinoff I used a cordless vacuum. It helps my family and I by cleaning our house when our house is dirty


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