Grade 4 PE Unit

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Grade 4 PE Unit

Dance without Music ?

Grade 4 PE Dance Unit

Theme 1Modern Dance

Goals for the Unit

Theme 2Partner/ Friendship Dance

Theme 3Creative Dance

GENERAL OUTCOME AStudents will acquire skills through a variety of developmentally appropriate movement activities; dance, games, types of gymnastics, individual activities and activities in an alternative environment; e.g., aquatics and outdoor pursuits.Specific Outcomes: Application of Basic Skills in DanceA4–8 select, perform and refine basic dance steps and patterns; e.g., creative, folk, line, sequence and novelty, alone and with othersA4–9 demonstrate a creative process to develop dance sequences alone and with others

KUDsStudents will know:•The vocabulary related to dance•The steps and sequences of specific dancesStudents will understand•That there are different styles of dances•That there are different purposes for different dancesStudents will be able to do:•Select, refine, and perform basic dance steps and patterns of modern, partner, folk, and creative dances.•Develop dance sequences alone and with other students

Class background information-26 students- 10 girls and 16 boys- 3 weeks/ 12 classes (30 min each)- Differentiated for students not allowed to participate in dances or listen to music -Other considerations: One student with Asperger’s, one student with slow short term memory, and a student with behavioral/ emotional issues. A couple students with much dance experience with others with limited experience.

Reflecting the learning styles, interests, and readiness levels of students!!


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