Grade 4 Mission 1: The Awesome 'ME'

by nahc
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Grade 4 Mission 1: The Awesome 'ME'

-Tip 5-"Wall" Tool.-For Background wallpaper

-Hobbies-I can make balloon animals and flowers, although they pop sometimes!

Special MemoriesI love trying out new recipes once in a while. Sometimes they turn out ok, and other times, not ok. This Christmas, I prepared my first turkey ever for 15 people, and it was de~licious!

The Awesome "Me"

-Tip 1-Text ToolFor word Bubbles, sentence Stickers, and Titles

-Tip 2-Graphic ToolSelect images to decorate your poster!

-Tip 3-Image ToolVideo ToolSound Tool-Upload or Link from your files-Or grab new files with webcams and microphones

-Tip 4-Draw ToolAdd your own doodle or sketch!

Change this to your own title!

The Ultimate mission:Create a poster that shows who you are or what is important to you in at least 3 ways.•The poster you see now is just a template for you to have an idea.•Go ahead and delete the items on the poster that you don’t need!What to do: 1. Skim the page to find: - The Magnetic Tool - Tips 1-5 explaining how to use the Magnetic Tools2. Change "Title of your glogster" to your own title. - You can use your 6-box title!3. Choose 3 items out of your 6-Box sheet.4. Use the Text tool to type in each item. (Tip 1)5. Add on and enrich your poster by trying out the other tips.6. Click on "Save and Publish" on top or bottom of the page to save your work.

A few of my favorite books ever!

- Link to Miss Nah's glogster of the first day.



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