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grace santoro

Aptitiudes:-Reading Comprehension-Writing-Judgement and -Decision Making-Critical Thinking-Active Listening-Persuasion-Time Management

Cluster: Human and Public Services

Job Description:~Represent an individual, city, state or federal government in court.~Research cases~Help people buy property, settle an estate, make a will and sign contracts.~Gather facts on a case~Interview witnesses and clients.~Usually long hours.~Sometimes will work night hours and weekend hours.


Types of businesses where you could work:1. Self-employment2. Law firms 3. Private Corporations

GOE #:110.107-010DOT #:11.04.02Holland Code:ESI

Related occupations:~Market Researcher~Accountant~Bank Manager

Earnings (yearly) :average: $94,930high: $143,620low: $46,900beginners: $52,000expierienced:$75,000- $85,000

Working Conditions:- Works in offices and/ or court rooms.- May travel to visit a client or witnesses of a case- May travel to different places like courtrooms and other places that have records to find evidence.

Personality Traits needed:- Good and Active Listener- Talkative- Ready to Speak their Mind- Observavive

High School Subjects You Should Take for this Career:- Social StudiesTraining and Educated Needed for this Job:- 7 years of full time study after high school-3 years of law school, 4 years of undergraduate study-Bachelors degree

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Grace Santoro 10-09-09


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