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Social Studies

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Grace Country Template

Current Leaders:President (Sauli Niinisto)Juha SpilaCurrency: euro Neighboring Countries: Sweden, Norway, and EstoniaImportant Products: barley, beef, milk, oats, pork, potatoes, poultry, sugar beets, wheat


Area: EuropeCapital: HelsinkilLanguage: Finnish and SwedishPopulation: 5,461,000Size: 150,928 square milesClimate: Warm summers, Cold winnters: In the south there is heavier rainfalls and in the north it is colder.

The physical features that make it difficult for people to access books are rocky islands, lakes, and bad winters.

People in Finland get books by book boat. The book boat can carry six hundred books. They go out from May to October. The libarians only take ten stops. Then the kids come running down the rocky shores to get their books.

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