Grace Chisholm Young

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Grace Chisholm Young

Grace Chisholm Young

Mathematician, Author, MotherMarch 15th, 1968 - March 29th, 1944

Time Line


March 15th, 1868

Grace earned a first class degree in Mathematics from Girton College Cambridge in 1892. During this time, she also met her tutor, William Young, who she would later marry.

Grace earned her doctorate from Göttingen in 1895. Her thesis was the algebraic groups of spherical trigonometry. In 1896 she married William and gave birth to her first son, Frank "Bimbo" Young in 1897.In 1899, at the encouragement of Felix Klein, the Youngs moved back to Germany to begin research on set theory.

Grace and William had 6 children together. Her children's work focucsed on making mathematics understandable for her readers. After losing her oldest son, Frank, in World War I, Grace ending her mathematics research. At the beginning of World War II, Grace and 2 of her grandchildren went back to England and which forced her to separate from William. In 1942, William passed away from depression and Grace followed him shortly in 1944.

Grace and Henry began publishing in 1906. Their first book was a book on geometry for children. Grace followed her children's work with a series about a character named "Bimbo", after their first son.

In this time period, Grace and William Young published 214 mathematical books and articles. Of these, 18 of the works are attributed to Grace Young alone. In 1915, Grace was awared the Gamble Prize from Girton College for her work on the foundations of calculus.

Grace Chisholm Young was born in Halsmere, Surrey, England, on March 15th, 1868. She was the youngest of four children.



The Beginning of a Partnership



The Publishing Years

March 29th, 1944

Grace Attends Girton College Cambridge


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