Grace Carroll #4

by LaurieH
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Grace Carroll #4

Lessons A lesson I learned was to not take advantage of your family and spend the most time with them as you can.

Themes Friendship: friends are a important role in Petey's life since he doesn't have a family. Family: the friends he has is practically his own family because his family left him at a insane asylum.

Hi! I'm Ben Mikaelsen and I wrote the book Petey! click here to see my website.

Petey Petey has cerebral plasy which means his mucles are relaxed so much he can't move them. He also is the main character and protagonist. he is very thoughtful and smart like when he learns to cumunicate with others

Calvin Calvin is also has a disease but with his feet. He is one of Petey's best friends and always tries to help Petey when ever he can. Heis very independant and likes doing every thing himself. Calvin is very understanding and some times can be bossy but him and Petey stick together

Trever Terver is a boy who protected Petey from bullies who were going to beat him up. Trever willing because he wants Petey to have experiences like he did. Trever is thoughtful and is loving and caring to Petey

Literary DevicesOnomatopoeia: "Aeee, aeee!"Personification: "A breeze kicked up sending dust devils spinning and dancing across the field." Simile: "His legs pulled inward like dried up roots." Medaphor: "Another child's head was larger than a basketball."

Author's Life Mikaelsen's parents did not approve of reading or writing.... until later. He owns a 750 pound black bear which are in some of his books. Every time he writes a book he bases it off a life experience, like for the book Petey it was based off one of his friends that had cerebral plasy.


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