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Grace Belson

Literary DevicesMetaphor: The light was brighter than the sun.Alliteration: Pain pierced Cole's cold shoulder.Onomatopoeia: ScreechingThese help the story because they help you to visualize what's going on and it feels like you're there.

Ben Mikaelsen

Ben was born in Lapaz, Bolivia.He now lives in Montana and loves to travel.

This is the Kimode Bear, also known as the "Spirit Bear."

Cole Matthews is a 15 year-old boy from Minneapolis. He has severe anger issues and severely injured someone. He was put on an Alaskan island and mauled by a bear. After the mauling, he changed over time. He apologized to the injured victim and made friends with him.

PeterPeter was the victim. He told on Cole for robbing a store and after being beat up, suffered brain damage. He was scared of Cole and angry, too. He tried to make Cole snap by punching and kicking him and trying to annoy him, but it didn't work. They made up and saw the Spirit Bear.

GarveyGarvey is a Tlinglit native. He loves to joke around-but can be very serious. He is also very smart. He is determined to help Cole, because he, too, was once like Cole. He stands up for Cole in the Circle Justice meetings, and was the first one to offer help when Cole was in the Detention Center.

Ben started writing full-time in 1984.

It took almost 6 years and 127 rejections before Rescue Josh McGuire was published. Talk about determined!

Ben had a 700 pound black bear named Buffy!

One main theme in Touching Spirit Bear I think is forgiveness, because Cole had to forgive himself and Peter had to forgive Cole and Cole even had to forgive Peter! When everyone forgave each other, they became friends. So when you forgive, you show you care.



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