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GPSGlobal Positioning SystemCreated By: Paige Laughhunn

The GPS provides location and time information in all weather conditions, anywhere on or near the Earth.

The first GPS devices were designed in the 1960s but were not fully operational til 1995.

The GPS was created by the Department of Defense. Bradford Parkinson, Roger L. Easton, and Ivan A. Getting are credited for the invention.

I use a GPS frequently, mostly because I am terrible at directions, but also to drive to my classes in St. Louis. So, the GPS has a large effect on my life.

The GPS has helped our society in several ways. It helps parents find and keep track of their children, assists people in mapping and directions, and can be put on pet collars to help track pets if they are stolen or lost.

What the GPS was first used for..

What does a GPS do?

Who invented the GPS?

How the GPS changed my life

When was the GPS invented?

Uses for the modern GPS

Bike riding or hiking


Navigating for the Air Force

How the GPS effects society

“Right now there are thirty-one satellites zipping around the world with nothing better to do than help you find your way to the grocery store.” -Ed Burnette


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