GPS and SAtellite

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GPS and SAtellite

GPS and Satellites are EM waves. They need vibrating electric and magnetic feilds.

GPS and Satellite

What are the Waves used for??

Since GPS and Satellites are short wavelength Radio waves, they don't carry a lot of energy.

GPS and Stellites work together in the modern world.GPS's help us navigate.

GPS stands for Global Positioning System. Satellites are things in the space that transmite waves back to Earth.

Radio waves are the lowest on the electromagnetic spectrum.

Radio Waves have the longest wavelengths and shortest frequencies.

First GPS satellite launched was in 1978.

The GPS system and its data have shown that Mt. Everest is getting taller!

There are a total of 24 GPS Satellites in our orbit.

GPS systems are most commonly used for navigating cars.

They also dont need to travel through matter. That is how they travel in space.

GPS waves can be classified as short Radio Waves.

The GPS sends a signal up to a satellite and back down to our cars.

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