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Social Studies
Politicians and Presidents

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This is the state capital building. This building is in Sacramento

Local GovernmentA local government is a government that serves the citizens of a city. A mayor or city manager, along with a town or city council runs most cities and towns in CA . These governments help the people in the city to what they need.

Tribal GovernmentAnother type of government is the Tribal Government.These tribal government makes rules or laws for the benifits local American Indian tribes and help to protect the rights of that tribe.

Government Room

Some examples of what people need are, police protection, ambulance service, garbage pick-up, traffic lights and signs, sewer service, and public parks.

The local government looks at the at the needs of the citizens and makes decisions of how to give them their needs using tax money from the citizens.

These are pictures of the government

GovernmentBy:SeanT,and Alexis

Indian tribal governments are responsible for there own tribes, but they are often invited two join committees of nearby cities, or to join state and national groups, to make sure that the laws that are made are fair to other tribes.

Statue of Queen Isabella and Columbus commemorating her decision to finance a voyage to the New World

School DistrictsSchool districts provide a type of government california school children. There are more than 1000 school districts in California and each district is responsible for the education of the children within the district.School districts are run by a superintendent along with a board of education.A superintendent is a professional teacher or a school administrator who is hired to lead the school for 4 years.

There are beetween three and seven citizens who are elected to serve on each district's board of education.Each of these board members is elected to serve a period of 4 years.These board members work together to make sure that the school district is following all of the educational laws of the state and the nation.It also decides how much money to spend on the buildings and supplies and make rules to keep students safe while thay learn.


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