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Social Studies
Politicians and Presidents

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The Executive Branch: This branch is lead by the president and vice-president. It also has the cabinet. They additionally carry out and recommend new laws. On top of that, they direct national defence and foriegn policy. Plus perform ceremonial duties. The group meets at the White House.The Judical Branch: This branch has the supreme court and other federal courts. They review the laws, interpret the constitution, and solve cases in states. It is headed by the Supreme court.The Legistlated Branch: It is controled by the congress. It has the Senate and the house of represenatives. The group meets at the U.S capital.

Poll Workers

Jerry Brown -2011 Arnold Schwarzenegger- 2003Gray Davis - 1999Pete Wilson-1991 George Deukmejian-1983Jerry Brown-1975Ronald Reagen- 1967

How to enter as a poll worker: 1. 16 years or older on election day. 2. Be a United States Citizen. 3. Attend a private or public high school. 4. Have at least a 2.5 grade average. 5. Get permission from parents and school. 6. Attend a training session.

Lasting Impact

Without a government the USA wouldn't stay together. It would crumble like a cookie. That is why we honor the government.


Even if you are too young to be a poll worker,you may consider these jobs to help you comunity: 1.Food drives 2.Help people in need 3.Clean the neighberhood 4.Obey the laws


The 3 Branches


The pledge ofAllegiance

Capital Building!

State Government

These are the 3 things out of the 5 things I know about our State Government.1. Our leaders of the State Government are elected by California voters to run the state.2. Our State Government collects taxes from the citizens of California and uses the money for many different programs that make life better for our citizens.3. The money is also used to pay state police officers, school officials and other state workers.

The first california govenor

Home to the legislative branch and the executive branch. It is a museum too! It was built in 1860-1864. It shows the wealth and power of California.It also is called the “The Peoples Building” because it is the place where people can make their voices heard about problems and issues. There you will see a life size statue of Father Junipero, a spainish settler that helped settle California. There is also a memorial of the veterans that helped America in each war.

I was a great govenor!


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