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Social Studies

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Government is either a group of people that rules at an area at a specific time or a system of rule.Excavation of the ruined cities proofed that a government existed.A monarchy was a placed controlled by a ruler.Decentralized government is when ruler gave land to feudal lords or allow other ruler to rule their own kingdom.The rulers are allowed to make their own decision.Centralized government is when the ruler controlled the entire kingdom from the capital city.He will make all the ruleDivine kingship is having nature of a god. All 3 civilization consider the kings divine kingship

Ancient India is not unified most of the time as it is made up of many kingdoms and the kingdom want more power, so they fought with each other..It is only unified during Mauryan, Chola and Gupta dynasty.The king’s power was divided into 4 provinces-Capital city, Inner province, outer province and border zone.For the capital city,the king live in a palace with his family and officials.Only knowledgeable holy men or priest can helped him in administrationThe Inner Province is close to the capital city.The king’s relative supervised officials in duty to be reported to the king directlyThe outer province is called the vassal states.It is a former conquered areas which were ruled by local kings as they paid taxes to the king.King's power is weaker as governors shared power with the local king.The king would make regular visit or keep a large army to watch over the local kingsThe border zone is a meeting place for the king’s kingdom and neighboring kingdom met.The king’s power is the weakest as the people had their choice to show loyalty to the kingsThe MAuryan dynasty is ruled by Chandragupta Mauryan from 322 to 185 BCE.The capital city is Pataliputra.Chandragupta overthrew the Magadha kingdom then he start building up his power.After Alexandra the Great abandoned India,many kingdoms were left weaken.Chandragupta then took those place to build his empire.He was the first to unify India.He had commitees The committees in charge of certain charges including collecting taxes, maintaining the armies, maintaining law and order and supervising construction of irrigation system. These committees are to report to Chandragupta directly.He set up a War office by keeping war elephants and armies and imposed tax on people to pay for his officials and soldiers.He will listen to people’s request.His ruling is an efficient system of justice but imposed harsh punishments to offenders.He also built irrigation system to help farmers grow crops and constructed efficient road system

Government in Ancient India

Shang and Zhou dynasty relied on feudal state, a decentralized government, to rule the kingdom.However, the feudal lords fought with the kings to get more power. This lead to the period of warring stateA young prince Zheng from the Qin Dynasty ended the period of warring state and named himself Qin Shihuang. He ruled the empire from 221 BCE to 210 BCE. He abolished feudalism completely and appointed a centralized rule.His empire was divided into 36 provinces and each province was governed by a military governor, a civilian government and an imperial inspector.The military governor maintained the army while the civilian governor maintained law and order in the society. The imperial inspector ensure that both governors are carrying out the orders properly.Qin Shihuang standardized coinage, writing system, law and justice, weights and measures so that people can develop a sense of unity amongst them.He imposed harsh punishments on lawbreaker and rewarded people exposing the lawbreaker.He burn Confucianism as he don’t want the people to be educated and disagree with his rule. He also bury alive the scholars disagreeing with himThe Zhou kings introduced the mandate of heaven which is blessing from heaven to have the right to rule.The gods in heaven will gave the ruler blessing to rule. If the ruler lost to the mandate of heaven, natural disaster will strike which means the people can have the right to overthrow the kingThe Imperial Civil Service Examination was introduced by Han Wu Di based on Confucianism.

Government in Ancient China

Government in Ancient Southeast Asia

At the Khmer kingdom,the kings were divine rulers with full power.The kings had large army to maintain their power.The kings depended on priest and government officials to help him manage his kingdom.The priest took care of the temple structure of the government and educational works.The government officials called mratan took charge of everythingThe Melaka Sultanate was found by Parameswara at 1401 CE.He married a Muslim princess and converted to Islam.He also established good relation with China in order to receive protection when in trouble.The port authority official called syahbanders took care of the needs of traders all over the world.There were 3 main division-capital city, province and vassal state.The capital city was ruled by a ruler with his 4 officials, the chief adviser, finance, police and military.The province are govern by governor and vassal state were independent



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