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Elizabethan Era Video


-She had many men whom had wanted to marry her-She could speak Latin, French, and German -She loved all kinds of sports (horse riding, hunting, hawking, bear baiting)-She enjoyed theatres and had her own private set of actors to perform for her. -She played the virginals and the lute (a skilled muscician)-She also wrote poetry in her spare time

King James I

-Mary led a sad life, full of both romance and sadness.-She learned to speak Latin, Italian, Spanish, and French. -She wrote poetry and enjoyed music and dance.- She enjoyed horse-riding and hunting. -She was also Catholic.

Born: September 7, 1533 Died: March 24, 1603Reigned: November 17, 1558- March 24, 1603Father: Henry VIIIMother Anne Boleyn

Born: December 8, 1542.Executed: February 8, 1587Reign: December 14 1542- July 24 1567

Mary, Queen of Scots

-King James grew up under many intellectual figures, such as George Buchana and Peter Young.-He was a great fan of literature and had a love for learning.-He wrote poetry and took an interest in plays.-Married Anne of Denmark and had 7 children, with only 3 who survived til adulthood.-King James published many books such as, The Essays of a Prentice in the Dive Art of Poesy. -James also wrote poetry.-James strongly believed in the theory of Divine Right and used literature to justify his theories.


Born: June 19, 1566Died: March 27, 1625Reign: July 24, 1567- March 27 1625(crowned King of England and Ireland in March 24, 1603)Mother: Mary, Queen of ScotsFather: Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley

"I know I have the body of a weak, feeble woman; but I have the heart and stomach of a king - and of a King of England too. " -Queen Elizabeth I

Queen Elizabeth I (The Golden Age/Elizabethan Era)


By Johnson, Nathan and Kryzle



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