Government on Colonial North Carolina

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Government on Colonial North Carolina

Government on Colonial North Carolina

War and Punishments- The Tuscarora War (1711-1713)A war between Indians and settlers. - The Battle of Moores Creek Bridge (1776 Febuary 27) First war of the American Revolution to be fought in North Carolina.

Government, Leaders...Colonial North Carolina was a "Royal Colony", which meant that it was controlled by parliment and the king. There was political groups of men which controlled the laws and such called the "assemble" and the "legislature". North Carolina became this in 1763. A represenative from England would come here and oversee trade, enforce laws, and collect taxes for the King. These representatives were the leaders of the colony. The taxes went up to 5,000 pounds.

Fun Facts-North Carolina’s violent crime rate is the 18th highest in the country, and the Tuse of capital punishment ranks them in 5th place in the nation. -(1776 April 12) First colony to think of independence- White, christian males could vote.


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