Government and Economics of the Pueblo Indians

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Government and Economics of the Pueblo Indians

In the Pueblo community the leaders are not seeen as superior or get any special treatment but are seen as a public servant. This is one of the very few places in the world where government officals are not looked upon as anything special.The Pueblo Indians are now currently is governed by the U.S. Although governed by the U.S the Indians govern themselves. They chose to mix their government with a little of the U.S's. Today there are 26 realms inside the U.S that govern themselves without interference from any other government.

Throughout the centuries as the Pueblo Indians have urbanized the women began using their artistic talents to create material goods which include pottery, baskets, belts, jewlery, and many more handmade products used to trade. This helped boost their economy but was most successful in uniting other tribes and connections with others outside the Pueblo Indians.

Economics.The Pueblo indian economy consists mainly of commercial activities and trade. For centuries prior to the arrival of the Spaiards in the area, the Pueblo Indians depended for the most part on an agicultural economy. Their lifestyle, food, and work schedule involved different types of farming as well as associated traditions of property ownership varying among the different people groups. Generally the Pueblo women took part in most of the farming which included planting, fertilizing, watering, harvesting, and all that involved crop raising. Meanwhile men spent most of the time hunting.

Government and Economics of the Pueblo Indians

The Pueblos had hunting societies that would take part on journeys to the mountains to hunt wild deer, antelope, and bison.

With the arrival of the Spaniards in 1539, Vazquez de Coronado, conquered the Pueblo region. They introduced new forms of agriculture. This also led to the discovery of oxen, mules, and horses along with many farming tools. The tools made a huge impact on the rate of agriculture and the work conditions, thus allowing the economy to grow.

A Pueblo Indian Village

GovernmentThe first government used by the Pueblo Indians were first controlled by the priesthood and the functions were controlled by politically autinomous religious leaders. Each individual tribe had its own individual religious leader which was also the head of the tribe. The appointed religious leader was in charge of controlling war, peace, which craft, husabandry, and hunting.

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