Gotta Love Google

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Gotta Love Google

Gotta Love Google

Google Calendar makes scheduling, organizing, and sharing events effortless. Share a calendar with a group of colleagues to schedule shared events (meetings, field trips, etc.). With Google Calendar, you can set up reminders for events, send invitations, and access your calendar from any device.

If you aren't using Google Docs, you should be. The suite of documents available through Google Docs can replace the Microsoft Office suite (it has for me). The beauty of Google Docs includes the ease of collaboration on documents and access to documents from any device. When collaborating on documents, choose whether you want others to view, edit, or comment. Create collections (i.e. folders) and sub-collections to organize your documents. Search documents by keywords.

Google Chrome is hands-down the best web browser out there. If you use a lot of Google tools (Docs, Calendar, etc.), everything works better in Chrome. Chrome Extensions & Apps can make your time on the Internet more efficient. Multiple user sign-in allows you to have different browser windows open that are attached to different Gmail accounts. Signing into Chrome also allows you to access your bookmarked sites from any device.

Google Search Stories is an easy-to-use tool that allows users to create a Google Search video on any topic. Enter your search phrases and choose which type of search you want to perform (image, video, news, web, etc.). Google creates a video like the one to the right based on the search you build. Students can build a Search Story as a bibliography of sources used.

Google Earth helps teachers and students explore and interact with the world they live in. Use Google Earth to explore science concepts, study historical events, measure distances, visit the settings of famous pieces of literature, and more.

Google Sites is a tool that allows users to quickly build websites that are easy to navigate and easy to edit. Users can build multiple Google Sites and share them with specific people or the world. Sharing Google Sites works just like sharing Google Docs. Building and editing websites in Google Sites is easier than any other webpage builder I've used.

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