Gothic Architecture

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Gothic Architecture

Notre Dame is a catholic cathederal and is the main place of worship for catholics in Paris. It is one of the finest examples of gothic architecture in the world, and also one of the largest churches. It is visited by tourists and catholics from around the globe.

The cathederal was constucted in the middle ages during the gothic period. Construction began in 1163 and was practically completed in 1250, although some work went on for the next 100 years. There were several design changes and architects involved. Gothic architecture and the art that followed featured strongly on height and vertical lines, creating a spacious and light interior.Six key features Gothic buildings have:- Flying Buttresses- Cruciform Plan- Large stained glass windows with stone tracery- Ornate sculptures (including gargoyles)- Vaulted ceilings-Pointed arch windows

Amelia Hayes

Cathederal of Notre-Dame

Location, France - Paris

Function & Significance

Infuence of creation

During the late middle ages the world was dominated by the Roman Empire and the unifying force of Christianity. Throughout the middle ages, the Roman Catholic Church exerted tremendous influence in politics and learninng. It is the time of the Holy Crusades. It is not surprising then that the most magnificent buildings of the period are Churches! Many great works of art were commissioned for the church. It is art and architecture to the glory of god. Witches and witchcraft was believed during the middle ages, this was insparation for the gargoyles.


Flying buttresses

Stained glass windows

Gothic Architecture


Cruciform plan

Vaulted ceiling

Pointed arch windows



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