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Gothic Architecture

Notre Dame

Gothic Architecture

Gothic and Romanesque Combined in France mid-12th century.

Mid-late 12th century Charters exhibits Flanking towes and central circle.

Grew out of Romanesgue architectural style. 1000 to 1400 several significant cathedrals were built in Britian and France.

Early 13th century rib vaults developed

In the early 13th century the front of Notre Dame was constructesd.

13th Gothic became poular.

Some buildings that are Gothic style areNotre Dame, Chartres Cathedral, Bayeux Cathedral and much more.

The style was to bring light into peoples life.

Gothic Architects wanted to reach heaven with cathedrals and reflect gods light.

Goths- also callled barabric had tribe power between the colapes and the Holy Roman Emoire. Know for great achivments in architecture. People named the style Gothic.

Some key features/Vocabulary TermsPointed Arch, Rib Vault, Flying Buttress, Bar Tracey, Rose Window, Plate Tracey, Bay elevation, Nave Arch, Capital Ordiment, Diaper work, and Gargoyles.

Gargoyles- carved face or figure projecting from the roof, on Cathedral roofs symbolised good and evil.

Salisbury Cathedral

Madalyn Smith


Pointed Arch

Westminister Abbey


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