Got Poison

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Got Poison

I AM A SCORPIONI sting you with my tail if I am scared,when I sting you the poison controls all of your musles and your nerves! A scorpion carries its venom on its tail.A scorpion is very very deadly... after the prey that the scorpion stung stops moving the scorpion eats it.:):):)

Got PoisonBy: Diane Wedner.Glog and Poster by:Caoilin, Addie, Lyle, and Tyler.

Hi I am a dart frog I am poisonous but I am not born poisonous I eat insects that eat poisonous plants.I use poison for protection and how? Poison oozes from the skin.

I AM THE VENOMOUS BUSH VIPER!!!!My venom and my relatives' venom is already in the body when it is born.Also, the venom stops the oxygen supply, so, it suffocates and dies.

A Blue Ringed Octopusis one of the most deadliest animals on the planet. Glad we don't live near it.

This is a Komodo dragon. It's syliva is very deadly to many animals.

I AM A VENOMOUS PIT VIPER. I kill other animals by sinking my fangs into the animal and activating my venom gland and the venom pours into the body.

Fun Fact!Did you know some dart frogs have enough poison to kill 20,000 mice?


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