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Mountain Gorilla

Daily activitiesA gorilla wakes up at 6-8 am and walks one km each day.They like to play, eat and relax every day. In the afternoon they build a bowl out of leaves and vegetation to sleep in which keep them warm. But it's only the mother and her child sleeping in the bowl.

Scientific name: Gorilla beringei beringei

By Laurits Hinge

intresting facksThere is only about 700 Mountain gorillas left in the world.this is because:- the locals hunts them for food.- Humans chop down the. rainforest and threatens there habitat.- poachers kill them to sell there body parts to tourists.

intresting facksA gorilla is the only member of the ape family that can use other things like tools. E.g. if the gorilla wants a nut it can use a rock to crack it open, or they can use a thin stick to get termites out of a termite nest. They can use tools because they are very clever. Scientists have shown that their DNA is allmost the same as that of humans.

How does it looks likeA male gorilla can be up to 1.7 m and weigh 170-240 kg. A female can be up to 1.5 m and weigh 70-100 kg. The Mountain gorilla's main charactaristics are: - Thick black fur to keep them warm- Long arms, short legs and no tail.- Big skull, big forehead and visible ears and nose.the old males has grey hair on their back which is why they are called silverbacks. It's often these males that leads the group.

habitat and dietMountain gorillas live in East Africa high up in the mountain rainforests. They live there because there is more than 140 different kinds of plants they can eat Gorillas. Are vegetarians they only eat bamboo, celery and nettles. Their favourite food is wild berries but they can only eat them when it is available.

Source:Endangered Species

This is a Mountain gorilla


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