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WantedGorilla gorilla

Physical DescriptionThe western lowland gorilla has strong hands and feet and a fine brownish coat. They have smaller lighter bodies, can climb trees, and have a heavy neck and a broad chest. They have four limbs, have larger brow ridges, smaller ears, they walk on all fours, and have long arms and legs. Males have silvery white hair extending from there rump and thighs. Males also have larger skulls. Males weigh up to 140 kilograms and Females weigh up to 70 kilograms. Males height are as tall as 180 centermeters and females height are as tall as 150 centermeters.

Diet, PreyWestern lowland gorillas eat fruit trees,leaves,bark,and roots.

PredatorsWestern lowland gorilla's predators are humans.

Threatened ByWestern lowland gorillas are threatened by humans destroying there habitats, poaching, and there are many diseases in africa that are killing gorillas.

Where They LiveMy animal lives in central African republic, swamp forests, and tropical rainforests

Protecting SpeciesThe U.S have made a project to save great ape survival. They are also funding to allow to secure the future of the apes.

Fun FactsGorillas share 98 percent of its genes with humans. There rarely agressive towards humans. Gorillas are about the same size as a 6 foot man. Gorillas travel in groups called troops and they travel with 4-8 members in a troop.

Help me i'm endangered!!

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Common NameWestern lowland gorilla


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