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Gordon Allport

Gorden Allport's theories were the basis for the study of personality related psychology. A lot of people agreed with almost everything he said, with the exception of a few points he made. His studies still live on today, and have a great impact on modern psychology.

Interesting Fact!Allport's father was a doctor, so he grew up helping take care of patients. He ended up following in his brother's footsteps by becoming a psychologist.

Classification of Traits- Cardinal Traits: traits that influence almost all of a person's actions- Central Traits: traits that appeal to other people, something a person would want to be recognized for- Secondary Traits: traits that are based of of a situation

Gordon Allport

Concept of Trait!1) Traits are real2) Traits are more generalized, yet more permanent than habits3) Traits cause behavior4) Observations will prove that someone has a certain trait5) All traits overlap one another6) Traits are influenced by social life, but they still stay true to a single person7) A trait is universal in some aspects, and unique to a single person in other aspects8) Some situations may have a person act differently than they normally woud, this does not necessarily reflect a trait

November 11, 1897 - October 9, 1967

The PropiumRepresents the "positive, creative, growth-seeking, and forward-moving quality of human nature"1) Sense of bodily self: bodily sensations2) Sense of self-identity: most evident when a child, beginning to recognize oneself3) Sense of self-esttem/pride: evaluation on oneself4) Sense of self-extension: three years old; things outside the body still affect a person5) Self Image: how others view a person6) Sense of self as a rational-coper: child realizes they can find solutions to life's problems7) Propriate striving: childhood selection of occupation, making child "lose childhood"

Human Nature1) Freedom-determinism: moving toward the idea of freedom2) Rationalitiy-irrationalitiy: feeling more rational than irrational3) Holism-elementism: feeling as though everything is connected4) Constituionalism-environmentalism balance between the two5) Subjectivity-Objectivity: nearly balanced, but people leaned more towards subjectivity6) Proactivity-reactivity: proactivity is "the cement which holds a person's life together"7) Homeostasis-heterostasis:heterostasis is more "humanistic"8) Knowability-unknowability: knowing is learning about human behavior/functioning

Values1) Theoretical: focused on discovery/truth2) Economic: wants what is most useful3) Aesthetic: form/harmony is top priority4) Social: thrives for the love of people5) Political: drive for power6) Religious: strive for unity and understanding of the world as a whole

"personality is far too complex a thing to be trussed up in a conceptual straight jacket"-Gordon Allport



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