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Google - So Much More

So much more than that first search box!

For any search you do , look on the lower left side of your screen for the Timeline. You will also sometimes see the Wonder Wheel here. It divides broad topics into smalller categories.

Allows you to search for copyright free or friendly images. Chose "labled for reuse" under Usage Rights.

Gives you more options.Search for exact phrases.Eliminate words from your search

Get live updates from popular social sites, news sources, and blogs . Great for research on things happening right now.

Create a custom search engine

Search the latest index of the world's books. Find millions of great books you can preview or read for free.

The web organized by topics

Search the Blogosphere

Read news from around the world with Google news. Fast Flip returns an array of headlines from diverse sources.

These services require a Google account. It is free! All you need is an email address.

Search Picasa for photos. Limit to Creative Commons or Remix Allowed.

Free online calendar

Checks favorite sites and blogs for updates.

Fabulous alternative to Word, Powerpoint and Excel

Only searches scholarly journals and books. Includes other important information such as how many other articles cite the article.

"Elliott White Springs" not Elliott White Springs

Put phrases in quotations to search for the whole thing.


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