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Google Glasses

Google Glass can change the world because it allows the person to see directions without using their phone. The device also has saftey lenses and a pair of tinted lenses as well to protect the persons eyes. But this doesnt effect the device itself. The device is evolving as well as making things easier to do.

Here is a video that shows just a little of what Google Glass can do.

Google Glass

Google Glass is a new form of technology. It is a device that is paired to your phone and it can give you information and directions.

It costs a lot for sure, but some people say that it is worth it. It uses an lense that is a liquid crystal on silicon. It also has a camera and touchpad. There is also a speaker on the device as well.

Google Glass

How can this change the world?

Here is a video of google glass and what it can do.

Even though this device is very costly, it still is a useful technology. It can take videos and pictures, as well as help with directions. But it is not able to be used on transportation vehicles. Other than that Google Glass can be used anywhere. This device can help make your daily life easier and everyday people try to improve this device.

Google Glass


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