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Google Glass


Google Glass is a type of wearable technogly, created by Google. This type of techonlgy shows you things that you see on smartphones on the lenses of the glass.

The google glass was created so people can have a wearable moblie device. This device is like a gmlipse of the future. The device can be found useful in many ways,

-This new gadaget cost about $1,500.-This product might stop selling soon because of a discrepancy in the prouduct.-when google first created Google glass it was just an experiment.

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The Gooogle watch is a amazing product but thier are a few cons:.It can affect your vision.If you have had laser eye sugery you might not be able to use this product.It can distract you from seeing things that you usually see with your , peripheral vision.Movie theaters have banned Google Glass from beng in the theater because of recording issues.Also it can be a safety hazard if you cross the street with it on.

The pros of having the gogle glass is that:.It is controlled by your voice..It can do anything that ur smartphone can do..It easier then carrying a huge smartphone in your pocket..It can send emails, send text message the Goggle Glass can do it all. .You can do anything with it and its always ready to recieve a command from you..It even takes pictures.




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