Google Chrome

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Google Chrome

As the video describes, there are numerous customizations to be made on chrome in order to make the experience ever so personal.

Fast Facts - One of the fastest, cleanest browsers out there - Tabs can easily be manipulated and thrown into incognito mode quickly - The learning curve for new users is barely existant, especially among users of rival browsers such as firefox or opera

Google Chrome

The best browser of the web!

By signing in with your Google account, Chrome has the capability of remembering your usernames and passwords and even street addresses and credit card numbers.

Chrome deals with html code better than any other browser

Chrome is easily synced with all your Google accounts

Google Chrome is designed to keep your data safe with built in malware software

Chrome's material design is ideal for all users and makes everyday functions easy to complete. This browser gets to know you, your preferences, and effectively how to please you every step of the way.


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