Goods and Instruments along the Silk Road

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Goods and Instruments along the Silk Road

(pictured left)•Cinnamon was originally named Kwai by the Chinese•Originally used for medical purposes•Cinnamon was also used to create oils and perfumes•Around 2700 B.C. the Chinese first started using cinnamon in food•At one point, cinnamon was used as currency

Facts of Bawu

•Tea was first tasted by Emperor Shen Nung in 2000 B.C. •The Chinese originally used it as a medicine•Tea grew in popularity and quickly became a favorite drink of the Chinese•Through the Silk Road, the Chinese traded tea with India, Turkey, and Russia•During the 8th century, the Uighur people helped spread the popularity of tea•By the 11th century, tea had replaced silk in popularity•China was the sole producer of tea until the 19th century

•The bawu is a wind instrument that has a sound very similar to a clarinet•The origin of the bawu comes from an ancient Chinese story of two lovers that were separated named Ba Cong and Mei Wu•It is constrcuted from bamboo and contains a single metal reed which makes it differ from a clarinet•It is played in a horizontal manner like a flute•Originated in the Yunnan south province of China

Goods and Instruments along the Silk Road



The Bawu



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