Goodnight-Loving Trail

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Goodnight-Loving Trail

1.Why was this trail famouse? It was famouse because it was one of the most used trails and because it was one or the first trails to be made.

2. Why was the trail used for? It was used to take cattle from one city to another city by Wyoming. ( Source of Anwer: )

4. What made this trail successful? The trail was succesful because when Loving and Goodnight came back they would get payed a lot of money for the cattle they took to New Mexico

5. What makes this trail historic? Thise trail is historic because it was one of the first trails to be made and it went into a lot of places that didn't have cattle available.

6. Why would we use a trail? We would use a trail to take products like cattle from Fort Belloup, Texas to Cheyonne, Wyoming, for example.

3. What and/or who influenced the creation of this trail? Charles Goodnight and Oliver Loving were the peole that influenced the creation of the trail.

Goodnight-Loving Trail

"'We left the Pecos at Roswell and went up by old Fort Sumner, crossed over to the Canadian River and by the old Bell ranch, then went on up the Goodnight Trail through the mountains and reached the market in July with 1,600 head of steers out of the 2,200 that we left Presidio County with in April. This was my last trip up the trail and I came back to Atascosa County and am still here."

Essay:I have learned that the Goodnight-Loving Trail not only does it work but it also cluld work for maybe going to Colorado to visit a family member. Trail can really help people who are taking their cattle to the market in Wyoming because there was/is plenty of grass on the was and were some rivers so the cattle could take a break, eat, or drink water on the way.

7. When was the trail used?It was used from 1866 through 1966.

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