Goodall E.T.

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Goodall E.T.

JaneGoodallBy: Emily T.

In 1995, Jane Goodall was awarded the National Geographic Society Hubbard Medal for Distinction in Exploration.

She discovered that chimpanzees eat meat and hunt on July 6, 2010.

In 1960, she discovered that chimps use tools just like humans. People thought that humans were the only animals to use tools before she discovered chimps do too.

Jane's achivements

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“It was because the chimps are so eye-catching, so like us and teach us so much that my work was recognized worldwide.”

Jane's Little Fun Facts About Herself (including a quote)

Jane Goodall named the chimpanzees that she met in her studies, unlike the other primatologists in that time.

Jane Goodall worked as Charles Leakey’s secretary for a few months.

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She was born on April 3, 1934. She is alive today.

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