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Good Book Report

CharactersHarriet Tubman- Grew up a slave and later in her life became famous for leading slaves to freedom through the Underground Railroad. Frederick Douglas- He was born a slave, and later escaped and became an abolitionist. Thomas Garrett- A Quaker from Delaware who worked with Harriet Tubman. William Still- A free black man who lived in Pennsylvania and also was apart of helping Harriet Tubman free slaves.

Author: Judith Bentley

Title: Harriet Tubman

Main EventsThe main events of my book was Harriet Tubman's life when she was a slave and her individual escape. Another major event of the book was her route in guiding the slaves to freedom and how it changed. At first, Harriet would bring them just to nothern states, but it was still risky and possible to be returned to slavery, so then she led slaves all the way past the Canadian boader.

SettingsThe setting of the book takes place in the southern states where slaves worked on plantations such as in Maryland, Virginia, Georgia, etc in the 1800s. Also, the book takes place in northern states toward Canada where slaves escaped to freedom.

"Good Book" Report

Plot & conflict

Favorite Passages

What do you think about the Book?

The plot of the book was Harriet Tubman grew up as a slave working on a plantation in Maryland. Harriet wasn't making enough money to purchase her freedom and couldn't wait to be freed. With much help along the way, Harriet is able to run north and escape slavery. Harriet was brave and a hero to many slaves because she went back and led hundreds of slaves to their freedom through the underground railroad.

One of my favorite passages appears at the very end of the book. "With rare courage she led over three hundred Negroes up from slavery to freedom and rendered invaluable service as nurse and spy... She braved every danger and overcame every obstacle. This is one of my favorite passages because it's admiring how strong, brave, and generous Harriet Tubman was and crediting her for what she has done for all the slaves. Another one of my favorite passages is also in the last chapter. "As she aged, Harriet Tubman looked for a way that her houseful of people could be cared for after she died. I like this passage because it shows how even after Harriet is gone she cares for her family being safe and healthy and living a good life.

My opinion on this book was that it was very interesting and informational about Harriet Tubman herself and the achievement she has made. What I liked the most was learning about the treatment of slaves and how many slaves were able to escape to freedom.


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