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Good Book Report

CharactersThe book was based mostly on her but would have some quotes from her past players and it also talked about her father a little bit

Settingsthere are many different settings to this book such as in the beggining it talks about her very small farm house, it also takes place at the university of tennessee where she was the head coach.

Author: Pat Summitt

Title: Sum It Up

Main Events- one main event is when she was talking about her dad because he wouldnt show affection to any of his kids but the first time he did was was she was 43 and he gave her a hug fro the first time and he told her he loved her- another main event is how she helped the sport be overall better for woman.- another main event is when she had to step down from being head coach at tennessee because she was diagnosed with early onset alzheimer's.

"Good Book" Report

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The story is about her life and everything she has gone through and how she changed female athletics. She started off as a very poor farmers kid but worked hard and became a head coach at the university of tennessee and made them into an amazing team. The whole reason she wrote the book though is to tell her story because she had to step down from being head coach because she was diagnosed with early onset alzheimer's

-“There is an old saying: a champion is someone who is willing to be uncomfortable.”-“about one’s life; memories are unreliable—they smudge, and fade, like disappearing footprints in the sand. We’re too busy standing in the middle of it all to remember everything perfectly,”-“It wasn’t just a job; it was my life, my home, and my family, and the players were the second-deepest love of my life.”-“She coached every day like it was the national championship game. Every practice was coached like that. It was never a letup. I can’t ever remember a day where she was tired, ever. —MICKIE DEMOSS”

I really liked the book because it was really interesting learning about how she personally changed the sport for everyone and the tragic illness that made possibly one of the best coaches to have to stop coaching.


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