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Good Book Report

Setting Washington, D.C., 1865

Author: Bill O'Reilly

Title: Killing Lincoln

Plot & conflict

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Abraham Lincoln is assassinated at Ford theater by John Wilkes Booth and a massive hunt breaks down to find him.

Lincoln marches down the stairs and heads for the carriage. He notices a one-armed soldier standing off to one side of the hallway and overhears the young man tell another, "I would almost give my other hand if I could shake that of Lincoln." Lincoln can't resist. "You shall do that and it shall cost you nothing, boy," he exclaims

I think this book was pretty good. It shows a little bit more about what kind of a guy Abraham Lincoln really was. He was a really caring President for the people and he was also very respectful of the soldiers who fought in the war (Civil War).

"Good Book" Report

Character Abraham Lincoln Actor John Wilkes BoothMary Todd Lincoln

Main Events Abraham Lincoln was assassinated in the presidental box in Ford Theater.


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