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Good Book (Report)

CharactersThere are no real characters in this book, but Zinn talks about the people of the United States. Specifically, the Asians, Japanese, Women, Presidents, and Soldiers.

Author: Howard Zinn

Title: A Young Peoples History to the United States

Main EventsZinn talks about the segregation against Japanese, Mexican-American War, Slavery, and other major events that have taken place in the United States.

SettingsThis book takes place in the United States.

"Good Book" Report

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This book is great. Its easy to read, and easy to follow along to. It is just like reading an article that my teacher would give me. There is so much detail and information that is given, its a great way to learn about America's history.

In this book, Zinn talks about all of the obstacles that the US has overcome. He talks about slavery, and then about the segregation of the Japanese, along with many other obstacles that America has overcome.

"In 1942 Roosevelt gave tbe army the power to arrest every Japanese American on the West Coast" - Page 60 Paragraph 1Blacks in the United Statesknew the reality of racial prejudice, and sometimes racial violence, in every day life." -Page 59 paragraph 1


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