Gonnafit Fitness

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Gonnafit Fitness

YOU SHOULD...- Drink 2 liters of water- No smoking- Sleep 8 hours a day- Heat the body before training- Stretch the muscles after sport

BENEFITS OF GONNAFITGONNAFIT is an innovative gym that offers the possibility of group fitness classes outdoors and led by a coach. Is a good way to do sport and improve your form, because you enjoy the outdoors and your city while you have fun and meet people. All people can go to GONNAFIT because there are a lot of levels, and is exciting, because you can meet different places like Barcelona, Cornellà, Hospitalet, Sant Vicenç dels Horts, Cerdanyola del Vallès and other more cities.In GONNAFIT, you can practise different fitness activities like Urbanfit, Cardio Urbanfit, G-Running and Pilates.If I were you, I would practise them, to get a good shape, and having a toned body. Also if you try to do a progressive exercise in GONNAFIT, you can improve your endurance, regulate the blood pressure, improve lungs capacity, and other more benefits.



Your gym outdoorAinhoa Moya and Núria Valls

Move your body!

Have you ever played sport and just bought your first sneakers ? Is it time you jog and you're in good shape ? Are you an experienced broker background ? No problem! Come to GONNAFIT.




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