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Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn

"Now, here is the part when I tell you ______________, and you stop liking me. If you liked me to begin with."

"I've always thought I could commit the perfect murder. People who get caught get caught because they don't have patience; they refuse to plan. "

Topics in Gone Girl:Lies and DeceitManipulationRevengeMarriage

Nick DunneMisunderstood man or malicious murderer? Abused child or abusive husband? Loving spouse or lonely adulterer? Throughout Gone Girl, Nick Dunne appears to be many things. Some of them we know to be true, some of them we don't—the surprises, shocking revelations, and personality twists are all part of the fun of seeing his character unfold.

Theme:Gone Girl ultimately argues that it's better to be yourself than who you think people want you to be—not doing so can totally suck the joy out of your life. In other words, Gone Girl isn't just a thrilling story about some seriously disturbing people, but also a cautionary tale that practically begs us to be happy with who we are.

Amy DunneYou couldn't ask for a clearer portrait of the All-American Girl than Amy Elliott Dunne. She's funny, smart, beautiful, and has a great personality. Oh, and did we mention that she was the inspiration for the popular (fictional) children's book series Amazing Amy? ...In reality though, she might seem like a good girl, but she's actually a master manipulator, an expert at mind games, and always gets her way—no matter what.

"People want to believe they know other people. Parents want to believe they know their kids. Wives want to believe they know their husbands."

"What have we done to each other?"

An amazing thriller. The best book I have ever read.

Plot twist much???


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