Gone Fishing

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Gone Fishing

Natalie Storm



Gabi Calderon

There are 3 stages of buoyancy, positive, negative, and neutral. positive buoyancy is when the object is at the top of the water. neutral buoyancy is when the object is in the middle of thre water. negative buoyancy is when the object has sunken to the bottom.

When pressure increases on the swim bladder, the volume decreases. This causes the density to increase, making the fish sink.

When pressure decreases on the swim bladder, the volume increases. This makes the density decrease and the fish floats.

The fish moves up and down by changing the density and volume. it does this by filling or empting the swim bladder with air. This is how the swim bladder changes the fishes density.

A fishes swim bladder is similar to a cartesian diver because when pressure is aplied, it compresses and causes the fish to sink or float,. This is the action of the cartesian diver when you squezze the bottle.

Gone Fishin'

Part 1

Part 2

When a puffer fish puffs up it fills with the surrounding water. So the density is the same as the water outside.

When the puffer fish expands, the volume increases. However, the mass increases as well.


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