Gone Fishin'

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Gone Fishin'

Fish can float and sink because they change their density by increasing/decreasing the volume of the swim bladder. This makes them float/sink because when density increases, the bouyant force does not, so gravity makes it sink.

When a Pufferfish puffs up, it increases its volume thus decreasing the density causing it to Float. It floats because then it becomes less dense than the surrounding fluid. This occurs because volume and density are indirectly proportional.

The Pufferfish does not only use its capability to puff up to increase/decrease density, it also uses their spikes for self defence. Some of these spikes can be poisonous

The swim bladder lets the fish controll its buoyancy by making it negative, neutral, or positive. Postitive is when it floats, negative is when it sinks, and nuetral is when it hovers in the middle

This is a pufferfish before it puffs up. It has a decreased volume causing the density to increase. This makes it sink back down

This is a fish's swim bladder. This is what they use to change their density, therefore making them sink or float.



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