[2012] Riley Curry (3 Even): Golf

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[2012] Riley Curry (3 Even): Golf


Golf is a relaxing sport where you play aginst the course not an opponent. This is light exersize and can be acheived until you are in your late years of your life. this is one of the many apeals to golf and why it is a comonly loved sport between middle to upper aged athletes

While the modern game of golf originated in 15th-century Scotland, the game's ancient origins are unclear and much debated. Some historians trace the sport back to the Roman game of paganica, in which participants used a bent stick to hit a stuffed leather ball. One theory asserts that paganica spread throughout Europe as the Romans conquered most of the continent, during the first century BC, and eventually evolved into the modern game.

NAPA, Calif. – The 3-footer that Emiliano Grillo missed on the 18th green Sunday at Silverado wasn’t going to haunt him. Not this time.Seven months ago, he whiffed a short putt on the 72nd hole in Puerto Rico that cost him a career-altering title. He eventually lost in a playoff.“I had nightmares for a week,” he said. “I couldn’t sleep. It was one of the most painful times of my life.”There wouldn’t be a repeat at the Frys.After missing what appeared to be a certain birdie, and after Kevin Na made a mess of the second playoff hole, Grillo wedged to 10 feet and poured in the putt to win the PGA Tour’s season-opening event. It was his first start as a Tour member.

Famous Athletes

The equipment manditory for golf is i maximum of 13 clubs as well as a putter. This as well as a golf bag glove, cleats, and tees are the insrraments used to propeel the ball down the corse and into the hole. the variation of clubs is up to each golfer.




Every round of golf is based on playing a number of holes in a given order. A "round" typically consists of 18 holes that are played in the order determined by the course layout. Each hole is played once in the round on a standard course of 18 holes; on a nine-hole course, players may play a "short game" playing each hole once, or a "full round" by playing each hole twice. Playing a hole on a golf course is initiated by putting a ball into play by striking it with a club on the teeing ground. For this first shot on each hole, it is allowed but not required for the golfer to place the ball on a tee prior to striking it. A tee is a small peg that can be used to elevate the ball slightly above the ground up to a few centimetres high. Tees are commonly made of wood but may be constructed of any material, including plastic. Traditionally, golfers used mounds of sand to elevate the ball, and containers of sand were provided for the purpose. A few courses still require sand to be used instead of peg tees, to reduce litter and reduce damage to the teeing ground. Tees help reduce the interference of the ground or grass on the movement of the club making the ball easier to hit, and also places the ball in the very centre of the striking face of the club for better distance.

How It's Played

I have been playing the Game of Golf competatively for four years. I beagan playing this sport when i was 8 years old and my grandfather began to take me out and let me ride in the cart as we went along. this fond memory makes every swing enjoyable.

Why I Enjoy Golf


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