Goldilocks and the Three Bears

by jessleone417
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Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Goldilocks eats the bears porridge, sits in all their chairs and lays down in all their beds. She even breaks a chair at one point.

Goldilocks, you should have never went into the three bears house, because that is NOT your house and you were warned not to!

The bears find Goldilocks sleeping in Baby Bear's bed. Goldilocks jumps out of the window and runs home scared.

Goldilocks is introduced as a girl who is not nice. One day, her mom tells her to go get muffins, but warns her to stay away from the forest because there are bears!

The three bears went on a bike ride and Goldilocks decided to go into their house while they were gone.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears - By: James Marshall




Papa Bear, Mama Bear and Baby Bear are not happy with what they have found when they come home.

After trying out all the beds, she liking Baby Bear's bed and falls asleep there.


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