Golde Poison Dart Frog

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Golde Poison Dart Frog

Golden Poison Dart Frog(Phyllobates Terribilis)

HABITAT:Golden Poison Dart Frogs live in tropical rainforests which recive about 5m of rainfall annually. They prefer tempatures of about 80* and humidity of about 85%.

The golden poison dart frog averages 1 inch in length, which is the same size as a small paper clip. The Golden poison dart frog isnt just a name, it really contains poison, infact, it contains enough poison to kill 10 adult men!

DIET:*Flies*Crickets*Ants *Termites*Beetles*Spiders*Caterpillars*Maggots

Breeding: Golden poison dart frogs breed during rainy seasons. The female lays her eggs on a leaf or under a rock. Once the tadpoles hatched, the male carries them on his back to a larger area of water.

Pro Aves is a group that helped raise money to make a 124 acre reserve in South America in 2012. WLT helped purchase 153 acres of Choco forest, creating the Rana Terribilis Amphibian Reserve.

They became endangered due to:*Logging*Farming*International trade*Human settlement*Habitat loss

FOOD CHAIN:Fungi, Cricket, golden Poison Dart Frog, Leimadophis Epinephelus Snake.

The poison dart frog species varies in colors such as orange, yellow, blue, and pale green.


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