[2014] Erin Gladu: Golden Gate

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[2014] Erin Gladu: Golden Gate

Golden Facts- ... Would be $35.5 billion to build today - ... 11 out of the 5,000 men to work on it died- ... About 2,025,883,491 cars have crossed the Golden Gate since 1937 - ... First bridge to use a drum mixer concrete truck in its constructionLearn more at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YhZD6snQk-o

The Golden Gate Bridge was built in San Fransisco, California, USA while Franklin D. Roosevelt was digging the country out of the Great Depression. Joseph Strauss, Irving Marrow and Charles Ellis were the main architects in constructing "the bridge that could not be built" because of foggy weather, ocean currents, and strong winds

The Golden Gate Bridge is a "international orange" suspension bridge that connects the two lands of Marin County and San Francisco across 8,981 ft of the Golden Gate Strait. Standing 746 ft tall, it has 2 huge towers connected by a deck and 2 giant steel cables. 90 feet wide with 6 driving lanes and 2 sidewalks, 265,552 cars cross it weekly and about 13,808,704 cross over yearly!

77 Years old, the Golden Gate Bridge was built from 5/1/1933-4/19/1937. The purpose of it was to bring jobs into San Francisco during this tough economical time. Back then it only cost $1.2 million to construct, however today it would be $35.5 billion to replicate!

By Erin Gladu

Welcometo theGolden Gate Bridge


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