Golden Boy

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Golden Boy

Author: Abigail Tarttelin

Max has supportive parents, a younger brother, and some good friends. Keep reading... he finds a girlfriend! How will he tell her his secret? And when? Will she still like him?

SettingEngland, present day

CharactersMax is a 16-year-old intersex teenager who lives as a male. He's smart, athletic, and friendly. Hunter is a childhood friend; he is the only person outside of the family who knows Max's secret.

Title: Golden Boy

Problem, conflict

Real-World Connections

Hunter uses his knowledge of Max's secret in the most violating way. Because of Hunter's attack on Max, he must face so many complex decisions he has never had to consider before.His parents have to decide how to guide him in these choices without deciding too much for him."If we don't listen to him, if we take away his right to his own choices, his own body, then he ceases to be an autonomous being and becomes a thing."

There are many people in the world who do not conform to traditional genders, either through being intersexed or transgendered. For more information on gender identity, you can research:-Bruce Jenner, Olympic athlete and reality TV star-Jazz Jennings, transgendered teenager and activist


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