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We can't help admiring the beautiful items both old and modern ones from the gold collections of the museum. Have a look at these outstanding examples of modern Thai goldwork created by two senior master craftsmen and tutors at the Royal College of Goldsmiths in Bangkok.The craftsmen responsible for these pieces of jewellery were inspired by the find of sumptuous royal regalia dating to the early 15th century which were recovered in 1957 from beneath Wat Rachaburana, a temple within the ruined city of Ayuttaya.

This cup is one of only eight two-handled cups in gold surviving from the reign of Charles II. Jacob Bodendick, a leading German-born goldsmith, was under the personal patronage of the King. The cup is engraved with the arms and motto of Sir William Bowes (1657-1707) of Streatlam Castle, County Durham, and his wife, Elizabeth Blakiston of Gibside.

Here is The Castlereagh Inkstand. This inkstand is composed of the gold taken from the portrait snuff boxes which were presented by the sovereigns whose arms are engraven hereon to Viscount Castlereagh upon the signature of the several treaties concluded in the Years 1813, 1814, and 1815. At the ends of the stand the Royal Arms of Great Britain and the arms of Viscount Castlereaghare are embossed. On top of the stand are applied plaques framed with wreaths and engraved with the royal arms of the four principal Continental European powers, each identified by an inscription:France, Austria, Prussia, RussiaOn the sides of the stand are engraved, within chased wreaths, 12 further coats of arms, each identified.On the front, the inscriptions read:Roman States, Bavaria, Portugal, Saxony, Sardinia, HanoverOn the back:Sweden, Wurtemberg, Naples, Spain, Denmark, Netherlands.

The Rosalinde & Arthur Gilbert Collection of gold, silver, mosaics, gold boxes and enamel portrait miniatures was given to the nation by Sir Arthur Gilbert (1913–2001) in 1996. The collection was on display at Somerset House, London, from 2001 until 2008 when it was transferred to the V&A Museum, South Kensington, London. The move to South Kensington enables the collection to be appreciated by a wider audience and the spectacular masterpieces it contains will greatly enhance the V&A's existing displays.The range of material and types of objects in the collection demonstrates the personal interests and passions of Rosalinde and Arthur.

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