Gold Rush

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Gold Rush

Coloma is located in California. It was active in 1847. It became a ghost town in 1925.

California's Gold Rush started when a man named James W. Marshall was working at Sutter's Mill. After a while, James W. Marshall noticed a yellow pebble in a river. Later on he took it to his boss and his boss agreed that it was gold. Soon news got out and the gold rush began.

The first person who discovered gold was James W. Marshall. The Gold Rush started in the year 1849.

The Gold Rush took place in the year 1848.The Gold Rush took place at Sutter Mill in Coloma, California.

James W. Marshall was important because he discovered gold.

Gold Rush FACTS: 1. People dug holes for gold.2. Over 300,000 people rushed to California to find gold.3. Gold is used to make jewelry.

A ghost town is a place where no one lives anymore. The things left behind were houes and land.

Gold Rush by Kristal Porras and Diana Gonzalez


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